Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed, here mentioned conditions will apply to all offers and activities, and make full part of the contract :

All transactions are subject to the Belgian Freight Forwarding Standard Trading Conditions 2005. The text of those Conditions has been published under number 05090237 in the Annexe au Moniteur Belge dated June 24th, 2005. Free translation of the original Dutch text can be found here.

Cargo handling and liability in the port of Antwerp as per ABAS-KVBG General conditions, dated 26 march 2009.

In sofar subcontractors invoke general terms and conditions customary in their relevant sector, specific to the trade, the means of transport or as standard conditions (eg. Bill of Lading, Way Bill, Charter Party, CMR, CIM, …) or invoke national or international legislation or treaties, which would give cause to a more limited liability or compensation, such terms and conditions will apply on the relevant part of the activity. All related conditions can
be received free of charge upon demand.

No specific cargo nor transport insurance is subscribed in relation to transportation, forwarding, storage, shipment or any other activity, unless written instructions to do so were received.

All offers are valid for the current month, based upon actual market situation, costs, currency rates, freight amounts and surcharges. Surcharges are always those valid on time of shipment. 

All offers are subject to final details, conditions and acceptance.

All performances are subject to technical details, drawings and feasibility.

All offers can be revised as per final cargo details and scope of work.

The Belgian Law applies to all activities. All disputes are governed exclusively by the Courts of Antwerp. 

All invoices are payable promptly in cash.

More info:
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