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Another Komatsu PC3000 shipment

Dismantled Komatsu PC3000 Excavator
18 packages / 273 mt / 570 FRT
This time as Breakbulk shipment to Durban, for final destination Zambia

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Shipment and Oncarriage of Shipper's owned containers to Ruzizi 2 site in D.R. Congo

Shipment, oncarriage and unloading onsite with mobile crane of Shipper's Owned containers
Via Bukavu
Part of the rehabilitation for Ruzizi 2 Hydroelectric dam on Rusizi river

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2 x Reactor

Barge transport of 2 x Reactor
Each : 28,6 x 4,5 x 4m / 220mt

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Komatsu PC3000 Excavator

New Komatsu PC3000 Excavator, dismantled
17 packages / 273.000 kg / 502 m3

Transport from Dusseldorf in December 2020
Shipment to Dakar in January 2021

More info:
Komatsu PC3000.pdf

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December 2020 shipment..

Some will perhaps wonder why december 2020 was so stressful...

Shipment in 2 lots of total 82 new Mining/Equipment units
Total 800 lm / 1.550 mt / 6.260 m3

7 x Komatsu GD655 Grader units
5 x Komatsu WA470 Wheel Loader units
5 x Komatsu D85 Dozer units
3 x Komatsu D155 Dozer units
5 x Komatsu PC350 Excavator units
4 x Komatsu PC500 Excavator units
2 x Bomag BW218 Single Drum Roller units
3 x Sandvik DX700 Surface Top Hammer Drill units
48 x MAN Truck units : TGS 33.400, TGS 40.440 & TGS 41.400

Loving these challenges !
And thanking my valuable customer for the Trust..

More info:
Komatsu + Bomag + Sandvik + MAN.pdf

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Protection of Electrical Power Station in Open Top container with Overheight

It is useful to protect cargo which is overdimensional in height,
to avoid damage on top, due to container handling in the different transport stages..

Shipment from inland Spain upto final destination Kinshasa, DRC 

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Big Excavators require Big Buckets

Transport and shipment from D-Dusseldorf to Lome,
for final destination Burkina Faso 

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Shipment to Lome - 11 x new Komatsu HD785

After transfer from storage are,
followed the shipment to Lome

11 x Komatsu HD785 + Bodies + Parts
Total : 57 packages / 807.290 kg / 4.175 m3

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Trafo - 308mt

1038 x 531 x 527 cm / 308.000 kg

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Transfer from Storage area to Export berth

Transfer by Pontoon and Truck :
11 x Komatsu HD785 Dump Truck + Body's and Parts
2 x dismantled Komatsu PC1250 Excavator
2 x bucket

Total : 79 packages / 1.038.732 kg / 4.584,81 m3

Preparations for export to Burkina Faso

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Packing & Shipment of Bending Machine

Bending Machine consisting out of 2 x parts : 
- Main Frame : 1607 x 427 x 264 cm / 75.000 kg
- Bending Arm : 1108 x 248 x 314 cm / 35.000 kg

+ 1 x 40' fr + 3 x 40' hc with accessories

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Transhipment into Barge @ Westerlo

1646 x 764 x 745 cm / 181.000 kg
4400 x 440 x 440 cm / 149.000 kg

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Transport and Shipment of 2 x Komatsu PC3000 Excavators

Road Transport from Dusseldorf, Handling at Antwerp and Shipment to Lome
2 x new Komatsu PC3000 units, dismantled
Total : 32 packages / 542.190 kg / 910,974 m3

Main Superstructure units, each : 795 x 540 x 385 cm / 70.000 kg

Komatsu Mining - PC3000 - Burkina Faso

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Transport & Handling : Peruwelz => Willebroek

2 x silo : 
2054 x 532 x 630 cm / 20.270 kg
2054 x 612 x 537 cm / 20.260 kg

Transport from producer factory to local berth for loading into barge at Peruwelz.
Barge trip to Willebroek, discharge onto truck, for trucking at night to receiver's factory, erection the next day

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Transport and Shipment of Trafo from inland Turkey upto final customer in Kinshasa

Stuffing, Tarp, Lashing/Securing ...

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Komatsu HD785 : presently 15 x units in Stock @ Antwerp !!

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Body List..

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Bucket List..

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Shipment of Sandvik units from India to Benin

Precarriage from Sandvik Pune (India) site, and shipment to Cotonou of 3 x Sandvik Crusher/Screen units,
+ 2 x 20' dv & 2 x 40' hc parts

BIA Group - Station de Concassage - Bénin

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RDC - Sanga

Phase 1 of the Sanga HydroPower station rehabilitation

Transports from Europe and China upto final destination Sanga, including mobile crane, lots of shipper's owned containers and 3 x Trafo

The last part of the road (approx. 35 km) had to be renewed, to be able to transport the Trafos safely.
About 2 weeks of work with Dozer, Grader, local handcraft..

For discharge and positioning of the Trafos, which was also part of our job, we did send a big mobile crane to the destination site, which was neither a simple job

Again, a Challenging Project that we brought to a safe and satisfactory end..

More info:
Projet Sanga - Forrest - Web.pdf

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Handling, shipment and transport : 3 x Komatsu HD785 units + 1 x Komatsu PC1250 unit : Antwerp => Lubumbashi

Challenging projet, with lots of difficulties and obstacles, but managed.. !

Transfer of 3 x HD785 units by pontoon at Antwerp, from import berth to export berth
Transfer of 1 x PC1250 unit from storage area to export berth
Handling, loading of vessel, for shipment to Walvisbay
Local handling, transport to storage yard at Walvisbay
Final transport upto MMG Kinsevere mine at Lubumbashi

Personal follow-up of the whole project at Antwerp, Walvisbay, Lubumbashi and Kinsevere..  

More info:
Komatsu - MMG Kinsevere.pdf

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Transport, Handling, shipment per Barge : 4 x silo from B-Péruwelz to B-Westerlo

2 x silo of 40m3 + 2 x silo of 60m3
521 cm wide / 512 cm high

Movement from production site Péruwelz upto delivery site Union Minière  

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Dryer 114mt : from Antwerp to Aalst for Tereos-Syral

Handling / Barge transport / Discharge / Trucking
Dryer : 1034 x 500 x 509 cm / 114mt

Discharge at Antwerp from vessel into barge with floating crane Brabo
Barge trip to Aalst
Discharge with 2 x mobile crane
A public parking had to be evacuated, lots of groundplates had to be used on several places to protect the public parking and road
The truck had to be built-up with lowdeck
Difficult crane positions due to lack of working space.. rear factory entry gate in middle of the barge at rest position : the first crane had to be positioned inside the factory, the second crane onto the public parking
Trucking to Syral site main entry gate at night.. only a couple of 100m, but needed quite some time due to complicated turns & difficult site access in backwards drive
Length of truck : 37,2m (due to lowdeck requirement for hight limitation)

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Return shipment from Kiffa, Mauritania to Gent, Belgium - accidented motor

Accidented motor during carriage to Kiffa (for info : not trough our Services!)
Customer ABC Contracting asked us to find a solution to re-pack and ship back to ABC Motors Gent

So, motor has been re-packed by our services at Kiffa, in the desert of Mauritania (quite some challenge!)
After re-packing, transportation back to the port of Nouakchott
Handling and shipment with Breakbulk vessel back to Antwerp
Transport to Gent


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Shipment and on-carriage : 5 x bus + 1 x towage truck to Kigali

Shipment from China on ro/ro vessel, and on-carriage upto Kigali

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Transport : Heater from F-Cernay to B-Lommel - Farmfrites

Road transport with several difficulties..
Heater : 1050 x 410 x 405 cm / 70mt

1/ transport from F-Cernay to B-Westerlo on combination of total length 36,2m with built-in 16m platform to reduce the height
2/ handling at Westerlo to reload the Heater onto shorter trailer (required to be able to take the final road to the Farmfrites site with sharp turns and obstacles)
3/ discharge at Farmfrites site

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Siemens Rotor of 103,4mt : Handling Zeebrugge and Shipment to Spain

Transhipment in Zeebrugge from barge onto rolltrailer, for shipment by ro/ro vessel to Bilbao, Spain
Siemens Rotor : 1010 x 415 x 424 cm / 103,4mt

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3 x Komatsu HD785 Dumptruck units to Conakry

3 units of assembled Komatsu HD785

Import handling, transfer per pontoon to export berth and shipment to Conakry  

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Handling and Shipment of 1 x dismantled Komatsu PC1250 unit to Dakar

Storage at our warehouse facility, transfer to export berth, stuffing onto 3 x mafi trailer and shipment to Dakar
1 x dismantled Komatsu PC1250 unit + Bucket

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2 x Sandvik QE441 units to Conakry

Inland transportation from UK, handling at Antwerp and shipment to Conakry

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Steam boiler to Manila

Precarriage, handling, packing and stuffing onto 1 x 20' fr

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Storage at Antwerp of Komatsu PC1250 Excavator

Reception, Transport and Storage of 1 x Komatsu PC1250 Excavator + Bucket.
The Bucket has been loaded inland at supplier's site in Indonesia, and has been shipped to Antwerp for storage together with the main unit.

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Shipment to Mauritania : 2 Motors + parts

Packing & Shipment of 2 motors to Mauritania, including inland transportation to final site of Kiffa Hybride Power Station.
3 cases + 1 x 20' dv SOC

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Barge trip and Transhipment of 2 x aluminium vessels

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Steam Boiler to Nigeria

Transport, Packing and Shipment of Steam boiler & accessories to Tincan Island, Nigeria

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Transfer per Barge of 2 x dismantled Komatsu HD785 units

Receipt in Antwerp, loading into Barge and transport to Gent of 2 x dismantled Komatsu HD785 units

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Pointe Noire - Portal Crane & Electrical Cabinet

Loading, re-stuffing & shipment of a dismantled Portal Crane and an Electrical Cabinet unit to Pointe Noire.
The Portal Crane in 40' dv SOC, the Electrical Cabinet on 20' fr 

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Komatsu HD785 : dismantling & welding works

5 x Komatsu HD785 units taken in storage at Antwerp, where after some time we took care of dismantling the bodies, as well as welding works for liners into the bodies, this as reinforcement to carry heavy rock blocks. All as preparation for shipment to Monrovia

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Damen - CSD500 Dredger

Project shipment to Algeria for Hydrowaste

Precarriage, Storage, Handling and Loading into chartered coaster, including Lashing, Securing and Welding works : 
4000m of Pipes, the different Pontoon parts, Cutterladder and Booster BS500